Welcome to Saidwaraa. This site is a centre for self enrichment of oneself to go beyond to receive greater knowledge in many form.

This site does not in any way related to any particular one person, religion or god.

Our site can be called in 2 manner.

1) Said Waraa        2) Sai Dwaraa


The name Said Waraa are derived from various languages representing towards Knowledge.
Said in English refer to someone or something already mentioned
Said in Arabic pronounced [saɪt] means Happy
Wara in Malay Language is Broadcast
Wara in Kuri (Awabakal) means Palm of the hand
Wara in Maltese means Beyond
So SaidWara could also means – Said Knowledge – Beyond your palm of your hand


The name SAI is “a Persian word to denote a holy person” ( “saint”, “master”, or “lord” in Sindhi and Marathi, from the Dari Persian “sāyæ” )

And DWARA (द्वारा) is “by” or Dwara means “gate” in Sanskrit

So our site could be called as Sai Dwaraa.

Said Waraa or Sai Dwaraa ,
The goal of this site is to educate our students in various knowledge from Occult Science to Information Technology

No Knowledge of the world are good or bad.
Gaining knowledge of all or any kind will enlighten you to the world you have not explored before.
We carefully select our courses to ensure you get every detailed information and understanding on the subject

In this site, we do not promote or discriminate any person, religion or god

Our courses are AS IT IS

“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous”